mandag 27. august 2018

Review; i.Fairy Poppy Red and Glam Luxe #502 Lashes [Sponsored]

This time around I'm reviewing a pair of contact lenses and a pair of false lashes from! 

I needed new red lenses, so it was very quick for me to decide upon these. They are a really beautiful and vibrant red, with several tones in them for dimention. Once on the eye, they become slightly more purple, which is very common on my bright blue eyes. I'm still very happy with how vibrant the colour is.

Flatlay with everything straight from the parcel

Contact lenses in their case.

Contact lenses on my eyes in different lightning.

Full face photo of me wearing the contact lenses.

Brand: i.Fairy
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: One Year Disposable

Lenses - Enlargement 4/5
I generally don't want my circle lens to cover too much of my actual eye, so this is not a bad thing. My eyes aren't huge, and I generally just want my own eye colour to be covered!

Lenses - Comfort 5/5
These are very comfortable. My eyes are quite used to wearing lenses, but recently I've experienced alot of dryeness. I wore this lenses for a solid 7 hours the first time I used them, and I experienced no discomfort what so ever. I did experience dryness after removing them later on that day, but that happens to me with normal daily contact lenses too.

Lenses - Color 5/5
As mentioned above, I loved how bright and vibrant the red is! And it still goes strong on top of my blue! I can definitely reccommend these for blue eyes such as mine.

Lenses - Design 4/5
Even though you can see my natural blue through the pupil, the blend towards the pupil isn't terrible. I've seen better, but it's not bad! I might also have wanted a little more darker patterns for more depth, but all over the design looks quite natural as far as red eyes are concerned, haha!

Over to the LASHES!

First of all I just wanna say, these lashes are SO AFFORDABLE! You also get a discount on them when you buy lenses!

Details : Dramatic and thicker-looking lashes
Ideal for : Party, performance, evening out, rave
Material : Faux Mink
Length : 10mm(Inner) , 24mm(Outer)
Band : 35mm

Lashes - Comfort 5/5
Okay, these lashes are REALLY comfortable. They are really lightweight for how full and glam they are!

Lashes - Application 5/5
The lashband is very thin and flexible, so it makes it really easy to apply them in my opinion.

Lashes - Design 4/5
The design is also something I like VERY much. They are so full and they really live up to being both GLAM and LUXE! They were so long it was almost too much for me since I have such little eyelid space. Still love them tho! My only "complaint" is also something I kind of like. They are very long, so I imagine they will fit just about any eye size, you could just cut them as much as you'd like. I cut mine at the outer end, which I do with most lashes. That however means you lose some volume unless you glue the cut offs onto the lash again for the full volume. You could cut them from the inner corner too, but that again might mean too much volume. But honestly, this isn't an issue, this is personal preference!

My conclution is that these contact lenses and lashes are well worth picking up! Overall I'm so happy with these products! You can also get a 15% discount on some for yourself using the code 15TANZOIR on checkout!