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The last few months I've been getting into Asian skincare, especially Korean. I've had a passion for makeup for as long as I can remember, but only really got into skincare when I was 18. I went to Japan as an exchange student, and after going through stress and pollution there (I come from clean norwegian forests, ahahah), my skin became pretty bad. A lot of pimples, blackheads and in general just really bad skin. Looking back, I can definitely say that it was mostly hormonal breakouts (lots of breakouts on chin and lower cheeks) but also from pollution etc. Coming back to Norway, I was rather desperate to get my skin back on track. I ended up trying quite a lot of different products, from both farmacies, alternative health stores, drugstores etc. The Body Shop's products was actually what worked for me, and got my skin back to a condition where I wasn't embarrassed about it anymore. It also got me interested in taking care of my skin.

Lately I've seen that I'm not gonna stay young forever (tiny crowsfeet, smile wrinkles, I'm talking about you). So I felt like I needed to up my game a tad. A friend introduced me to the wonders of korean cosmetics, and Asian Beauty. So I figured, I'd try it out.

For you who are new to the whole Korean skincare routine, I'll break it down for you. Koreans seem to believe in a routine with several steps (some have up to 13 products in their routines, I'm at 7 atm), and each step is supposed to target certain problems/areas. They're also firm believers in suncreen and oilcleansers. And snails. Hahah.

Before you get intimidated by the many steps to a korean skincare routine, let me just say that I use a maximum of 15 minutes every morning on my 7 steps. They're not as time consuming as they might seem, and I'm quite enjoying the extra me-time. And the effects on my skin! I'm in a very stressful period of my life atm, and I'm barely even breaking out. I think I can count all the pimples I've had since August on two hands.

I have now, since August, tested out a tiny amount of products, and some of them are probably gonna stay with me for life, that's how much I love them.

Before we continue, I just wanna say a few things about my skin, and what I think my problems are.
I have combination skin, with an oily t-zone and dryer cheeks. I have big pores, with some blackheads on the tip of my nose. I also have very sensitive skin, which haven't made my search for products through my 24 years of life an easy job.  But I have not actually reacted to a single korean product I've put on my face so far. Anyways, starting with building myself a routine, I had a few areas I wanted to target. I wanted cleaner pores/clearer skin. Anti age. Stop the crowsfeet from evolving. Prevent smilelines, stuff like that. I also wanted something to calm my skin a bit.

Here is a litte view of my skinroutine, missing a few products to be complete (a booster and a scrub). 
Also, I don't use the oilcleanser every single night, only really on makeup days.
From left to right: Nature Republic chamomile cleansing oil, Skinfood honey black tea cleansing foam, Etude House wonder pore freshner toner, Holika Holika 99% Aloe, 3w clinic phyto stemcell essence, It's skin collagen eyecream, Etude House aloe moistfull soothing cream, Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex.

I will definitely get around to writing about some of the products I've fallen for so far, as I need the world to know about them, hahah. 

Stay tuned for some proper reviews! 

Love, Tanzoir (

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