torsdag 4. august 2016

Review - Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing Foam

This product is sadly out of production.

Today I will be reviewing Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing Foam cleanser. This is the facial cleanser I have been using for the last 8 months. I can by now definitely say it's the best cleanser I have ever used, and I will most definitely keep using this in the future as well.

Before we start on the review, I'd like to point out that I have combination skin (oily t-zone and dry cheeks), that's also sensitive. My main problem areas has been eczema, large pores, and dehydration.

I bought this cleanser because I needed a new one, and at the time I was (and still am) deep into k-beauty. Skinfood was a brand I had heard of before even getting into the world of korean products, and looking through their webpage, I found this guy. I love honey, I love tea, I need a new cleanser. After some googling, I learned that this was supposed to be geantle to your skin while cleaning it properly.

The cleanser in all it's glory. Almost empty.

How to use: Dispense an ample amount into wet palm and lather up. Rub face gently and rinse with lukewarm water. Splash on cold water for astringent effects.

Consistency: In many ways this is very creamy, until you foam it up between your hands. It's not the type that foams up much, but rather just enough to be called a foam cleanser. Skinfood's webpage calls it a high density foam. 

Consistency up close, before foaming it up.

Smell:  The scent is one of the things I like the most about this product. It actually smells like black tea with a little bit of honey in it. Both of them are there, but it's not dominating! It also smells really quite clean. Definitely not overpowering, so even if you're sensitive to strong scents, I don't think this will be too much for you. 

This tube is 150ml, and I just want to point out that a little goes a looong way! Me, on my own, have one of these for two, maybe two and a half month, cleasing my face morning and night. Another thing I want to mention, is that I rarely use this to take of my makeup. If I wear any makeup, I will go in with an oilcleanser prior to this cleanser. So I can't tell you it will take off your makeup for you, but for a 2nd cleanser, this guy does the job. Or on a daily basis for people like me, that don't wear makeup every day. 

My experience, and also conclution for this product, is that it is absolutely amazing. My face feels so clean after use, without being that squeaky clean, stripped for oils kind of clean. With the 2 step cleansing routine I use, I don't find any traces of makeup, dirt or grime leftover on cottonpads after. And if you need further convincing, my boyfriend also uses this, haha! It's a perfect, sensitive everyday cleanser for the both of us. 

I buy my korean beauty products on ebay. Make sure you find a trustworthy seller, or use pages like testerkorea or roseroseshop. 

//This product was not sponsored.//



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